how to save the world for free

Read the book? Yay. I hope you loved it. Here you’ll find some links to resources, films and the all important references.

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 Oh and if you’ve ended up here and don’t have a copy of the book yet, try the link below. 

eco-inspiring, educational films

Here’s a list of the films mentioned in the book.


Earthlings, 2005 view for free

The End of the Line, 2009 – view for free

Forks over Knives, 2011 – now on Netflix

Cowspiracy, 2014 – buy download

The True Cost, 2015 – buy on DVD

Seed: The Untold Story, 2016 – buy and stream


Blackfish, 2013 – now on Netflix, buy and stream

Mission Blue, 2014 – now on Netflix, buy and stream

Plastic China, 2016 – buy and stream 

A Plastic Ocean, 2016 – now on Netflix, buy and stream

Albatross, 2017 – view for free

Blue, 2017 – buy and stream

Chasing Coral, 2017 – now on Netflix, Netflix original 


An Inconvenient Truth, 2006 – to buy and stream

Gasland, 2010 – buy and stream

Gasland Part II, 2013 – buy and stream

This Changes Everything, 2015 – buy and stream

Before the Flood, 2016 – buy and stream

An Inconvenient Sequel, 2017 – buy or stream


Just Do It: A Tale of Modern – Day Outlaws, 2011 

Elemental, 2012 – buy and stream

Tomorrow [originally Demain], 2015 – buy and stream


The Story of Stuff, 2007 – view for free

The Four Horsemen, 2012 – view for free

When Citizens Assemble, 2017  


Links for all of the sources cited in How to Save the World for Free can be found here:

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