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If you enjoyed reading How to Save the World for Free and are inspired to tell your friends, family (and your whole world), why not share a little virtual love on social media?

I’ve put together a few sample posts here … and maybe you want to make a pledge to make a change with me?

Take snippets, take inspiration, take some awesome photos (or grab any of mine) and share (and don’t forget to mention me so I can send you some love right back!). It would mean the world to me.

Simple post: 

I’ve just read #HowtoSavetheWorldforFree by @nataliefee (if you’re on twitter, or @nataliefee_ if you’re sharing on Instagram) and think *insert your thoughts here!*. You can finds links to order online from

Make the pledge:

I’m making a #pledgefortheplanet to think about how I can save the world through powerful individual actions, for the rivers, oceans, forests and wildlife.

Join me in sharing this pledge – check out #HowToSaveTheWorldForFree by @nataliefee (if you’re on Twitter or @nataliefee_ if you’re sharing on Instagram). It can help you create an eco-action plan for your life! 💚#HowToSaveTheWorldForFree

Help me save the world!:

#HowToSaveTheWorldForFree by Natalie Fee is my new eco-living manual for everything from food and travels to politics and the economy!

Order yours and make your own green manifesto at home! Every little change can help save our planet.


#HowToSaveTheWorldForFree by Natalie Fee contains all the information needed to be a fully fledged eco force! From individual action to details of all the groundbreaking campaigns and movements happening globally.
Learn with me!

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other things you can do …

Read the book? Ready to help spread the word? Here are a few things you can do to help the book reach more people …

💚 Leave a review on Goodreads or Amazon (I know Amazon sucks, but most people buy their books there and it’s most people we need to make some changes!)
💚 Send an email to ten friends and family members telling them why you loved the book
💚 Ask your boss, or HR manager, if they could support the book in some way, either as staff or client gifts, or by having me come and do an online talk for you!