Natalie Fee is an award-winning environmentalist, author, speaker and founder of City to Sea, a UK-based organisation running campaigns to stop plastic pollution at source.

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the professional bit ...

In 2019 Natalie won the Sunday Times Volvo Visionaries Award for her campaign work with City to Sea, and in 2018 she was listed as one of the UK’s ‘50 New Radicals’ by The Observer / Nesta. In the same year the University of the West of England awarded her the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Science in recognition of her services to the environment.

She won the Sheila McKechnie Award for Environmental Justice in 2017 for City to Sea’s #SwitchtheStick campaign and is proud to have been named Bristol 24/7’s Woman of the Year for 2018.

Natalie also sits on the Bristol Advisory Committee for Climate Change.

the less professional but possibly more interesting bit …

As a former London headhunter – the crazy hazy days of IT recruitment in the late 90’s, I kind of ‘had it all’ by the age of 21, a great job, a house, a shiny car – but it left me feeling there must be more to life … So, I gave up the fast life and headed off on a mission to discover what really makes us happy.

My journey led me around the world, from the Amazon jungle to a yoga studio in Southampton where I trained as a yoga teacher and became a mother.

I went on to work as a life coach and had five happy years writing for the ‘Green Parent’ as a columnist. In 2012, after having my first book published, The Everyday Alchemist’s Happiness Handbook, Bristol beckoned and I began my media career – working for various environmental media channels and eventually for Made TV as a presenter and producer (where I clocked up over 200 hours of primetime TV!).

Then in 2014 everything changed. Again. Although this time, the shift ushered in a culmination of all my skills – writing, presenting, film, speaking and business – to help protect nature. Or at least, initially, the Albatross.

Thanks to the trailer for the film ‘Albatross’, by the artist Chris Jordan, the problem of plastic pollution – and the plight of the Laysan Albatross – woke me up to what I, and almost everyone else on the planet, was doing. I think it was something about seeing everyday items that I used – my brand of toothbrush, ink cartridges, bottle caps – causing the death of something so beautiful – that just floored me. And I knew in that moment I couldn’t just sit back and allow this to happen.

So I didn’t set out to be an environmental campaigner. I had no idea when I started campaigning on my own with a crowdfunding campaign for a music video (you can watch that here if you want to see me do my popstar thing) that I’d end up with a team of more than 30 awesome staff, running award-winning, national campaigns. And that for the most part we’d be making it up as we went along and that would be enough to achieve great things.

City to Sea’s HQ is in Bristol, where I’m based – and I’m grateful to my amazing team for their phenomenal work – please have a look at our campaigns page to find out more and get involved.

So there we have me. I’ve left a lot out, but we can save that for when we meet. Campfires preferred, but cameras or corporate events will work just fine.

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