Do you need help setting up your non-profit? Do you want to know how to run a campaign? Are you looking for a brand ambassador, eco-influencer or expert advisor? Drop me a line and find out how I can help.

Consultancy services

I get asked for help … a lot. From grassroots campaigners to mums on a mission looking for advice on how to start a campaign, to non-profits or charities wanting to know how to fund a campaign, to multinationals and corporates needing some sustainability consultancy or an expert advisor to guide and support them.

Way back in the day, I used to be a life coach, so I have some experience in listening to your needs and helping you get some clarity around what you want. Coupled with my experience in setting up and running a thriving non-profit, City to Sea, and running award-winning campaigns, I can advise on what worked, what didn’t and how to go about making your campaign – or product – a success … whilst not harming a hair on anyone’s head or hurting the planet.

I also act as a micro-influencer, eco-influencer, brand ambassador and advisor for green, eco products and brands.

I offer my services at an hourly or daily rate, as well as on retainers when required.

Consultancy expertise

Brand Ambassador  •  Eco-Influencer

How to Run a Campaign  •  How to Set up a Non-Profit

Change-making  •  How to Fund Your Idea

“Natalie has spoken to our clients across Europe and beyond, and regardless of the audience she never fails to captivate and inspire. Her style is engaging and empowering, encouraging her audience to own the problem and make changes in their own lives. Natalie is an exceptional speaker and her subject matter is essential.”

Bethany Morris, Robeco UK

“Natalie’s talk was brilliant – she had the staff moved to tears and also had them laughing! Her expertise and passion for change really hit a chord with the team on how to ‘be the change’, and she gave heaps of practical advice and tips too. We’d definitely recommend her as an inspiring speaker to encourage people to think differently about their impact on the world.”

Vicky Murray, Pukka Herbs

“To an audience that is well used to being “talked to”, Natalie’s talk was both highly memorable and highly impactful. As I said, in a world where there are many good causes and charities, you made a lasting impression.”

Alasdair Prescott, Investec Asset Management

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upcoming EVENTS

Want to connect in person? Or come to a book talk or signing? Have a look at my upcoming events and see if there’s one happening near you. I’d love to see you there!

JUNE 11TH 2023

Cheltenham Science Festival
"How to be Green"

JULY 7-9th 2023

Resurgence Summer Camp
Natalie Fée & Angus Barr

SEPTEMBER 22-24TH 2023

'Revive' Retreat
Change in Nature (at Hawkwood)