how to save the world for free

Despite Amazon being a problematic business for people and planet, How to Save the World for Free was still #1 Best-Seller on there. The paperback version is now out! 

We know that a better world is possible. One where we all get to breathe clean air, marvel at the abundance of wildlife and enjoy life without worrying if it’s about to self-destruct. But how do we get there? And can it really be … easy? And fun? And free?

You can start by reading this book. Then try doing a few of the things it suggests.

Pretty soon you’ll know the answer to those questions (it’s yes by the way!) and you’ll be part of something lovelier than you could ever have imagined.

This book can’t save the world, but you can.

More than a handbook or toolkit, How to Save the World for Free first helps us get our heads around the environmental issues we’re facing as a species here on Planet Earth, then it will take us into the heart of them, helping us connect with the all-important why. Then we’ll explore simple ways we can all save the world, while we eat, drink, sleep, work, vote, travel and play. For free.

Unlike any other guide to green living, How to Save the World for Free also
addresses the big barriers to change, including broken political systems, capitalism and consumerism – and gives us practical and engaging ways to disrupt them.

It’s on the shelves in bookshops in the UK, US and Australia now, or you can order online using the links below. If you’re in the UK, Hive is the most ethical option! 

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The Everyday Alchemist’s Happiness Handbook

So if How to Save the World for Free is about the ‘outer work’, this one, my first book (published by Findhorn Press in 2012), is about the ‘inner work’. Greening the inside of ourselves, not polluting our inner world with negative self-talk, judgement or criticism.

“Happiness has been holding out its hand to you since the day you were born, longer perhaps, waiting for the time when you run out of excuses and say…yes.” Packed with practical, down-to-earth advice, The Everyday Alchemist’s Happiness Handbook reveals how the choices we make on a daily basis effect our sense of fulfillment and puts forward a set of highly accessible and effective tools to help each of us live brighter, happier lives.

Natalie Fee is the embodiment of glee. Few have her grasp of what it is to be happy. I strongly suggest you read this and learn her unique way for yourselfBarefoot Doctor, author of The Man Who Drove with His Eyes Closed: The Making of a Barefoot Doctor and Handbook for the Urban Warrior

Practical and wise, Natalie Fee takes her readers to the heart of what is good and useful for personal and spiritual developmentWilliam Bloom, author of The Endorphin Effect and Three Golden Keys

A concise, inspiring and practical introduction to this important subject. Had me taking notesIsabel Losada, author of The Battersea Park Road to Enlightenment and For Tibet, With Love; A Beginner’s Guide to Changing the World